How To Increas CPC Of Youtube Ads

Steps to Increase your YouTube Adsense Ads
Cost-Per-Click -
Content Title , Description and the Video -
The Content Title and description plays a major
role in YouTube Search result page , no matter
what your Video is .So if the Title ,Description is
Good enough along with Strong attracting
Keyword in it will help YouTube to Show relevant
interesting YouTube ads to your viewers.
The Country that your Videos are Targeted -
Suppose your Video is about Hollywood
celebrity ,Your Cost-Per-Click will more because
large number of people located in United States
prefer to see them .While if your Video is about
Bollywood celebrity your CPC will be slightly
less.It is the matter of fact that depends on the
online purchasing power in that country .Poor
countries or developing countries don’t prefer to
buy Online because they don’t trust in them or
they think it is not safe and secure to purchase
them online.So advertisers don’t spend much
money for the clicks.
Length of the video -
You Might have seen a movie with series of
embedded ads inside a video .So if a viewer
watches that full movie and clicks on most of
the ads ,the CPC for those ads will be generally
low .A Good video should be of length 5 ~ 10
Mins not more than that .
YouTube shows Highly targeted to
Placement ,Text and Image and Video ads So
don’t worry much of it, If all these not work for
you ,A trick that is not recommended by me but
give it a try ,it increased my CPC from 0.01 $ to
0.06 $ .Just Go to your Adsense Hosted account
then click on Allow and Block Ads and then on
Content Host and Block the Low CPC
advertiser’s URL ,Which should potentially
increase your CPC but remember this is a given
right for publisher should not be taken as
granted .

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